rv-logoRatepayers Victoria (RV) (incorporated in 2001, A004092M) is a ratepayers advocacy network organization. We, through our networks of ratepayer groups and other partners, advocate for all ratepayers in Victoria, at a state level. We refer to and facilitate our networks of ratepayer groups to address local issues. At a state level, we advocate for sustainable rates capping; improving councils’ governance and integrity, and community responsiveness and efficacy in municipal service and amenity provisioning. For more profile information about RV, please go to its web-page “About Us“.


What is PlatformRV?

PlatformRV is an information service, providing a digital platform for connecting ratepayers, aggregating local knowledge about municipal affairs and providing  advocacy mobilisation tools for advocating improvements and reforms in municipal matters.

Why is PlatformRV needed?

For far too long, ratepayers, including residential and business tenants, are challenged by reoccurring council problems of bullying,  and bad behaviours, decision making secrecy, dummy candidates in council elections, council bureaucracy, oligopoly procurement through its MAV peak body, overpaid CEOs and executives and recalcitrant to supporting rate capping  (The Age, 19 Oct 2016Insurance News, 23 March 2105The Leader, 28 Apr 2015Herald Sun, 3 Mar 2015). Legacy attempts to resolve these issues are usually met with contempt, resulting in poor relationships between ratepayer advocates and their councils.

Good Governance.png

Upon deeper analysis, the root causes of these reoccurring issues are poor governance conduct and practices in councils, including council advocacy and support services from their peak bodies. Poor governance is characterized by arbitrary policy making, unaccountable council decision making and implementation bureaucracies, unenforced or unjust legal systems, the abuse of council and executive power, a civil society manipulatively disengaged in public life, and widespread corruption (The Global Development Research Center, 2017).

Developing this information service is progressive, happening over the next 5 years, to finally deliver a fully functional core competency for ratepayer advocates by 2022.

How will PlatformRV be developed?

PlatformRV development will be managed as a profolio, composing of several programs, each consisting of several coordinated projects that would deliver Ratepayers Victoria’s three strategic objectives – by providing connectivity, aggregation and mobilisation tools. Projects will use collaborative and strategic partnerships and agile development methods, and be managed using PMI organisational project management standards, to incrementally roll out PlatformRV’s functional capabilities through this website.


Portfolio Contact

For more project information about this core competency development, or you want to participate, please email the portfolio management team .