Mobilisation Tools

mobilisation-3Mobilisation tools are ratepayer advocacy capacity building tools. They provide data  and process consistencies and methods, in the form of digital tools and data repositories, for ratepayers in their advocacy work. Their development projects will involve strategic partnerships.

Strategic partnerships will be explored, to use partners’ cloud and social media technology products, to develop tools that will empower ratepayers to collaborate among themselves and other stakeholders in LG, to take effective actions to resolve local problems and state policy implementation gaps in councils and innovate creative crowd sourcing tools to provide sustainable funding for advocacy campaigns.

Two projects are under way:

  1. Project 1 exploring sponsorship funding opportunities. This project is jointly managed by Jack Davies and Frank Sullivan.
  2. Project 2 developing Governance KPI metrics in alignment with the Local Government Performance Reporting Framework (LGPRF) update project. Project team includes Chan Cheah, Greg Rublee, Anna Munchie and Joe Lenzo.


Two more partnership projects are in investigation mode and further details will be released when the preliminary scope of these new projects become clear.