The following projects are in development:

connectConnectivity Projects:

  1. Consolidation of Ratepayer Groups Listing – John Presley
  2. Radio communications channel development – Marlene Bottrell
  3. Refer to Ratepayer Networks project page for details.

aggregateAggregation Tools Dev Projects

  1. Case reporting tools – Project team : Chan Cheah, Joe Lenzo
  2. Incident reporting and registry system – Project team : Chan Cheah, Joe Lenzo
  3. Refer to Aggregation Tools project page for details.

mobilisation-3Mobilisation Tools Dev Projects

  1. Sponsorship fundraising project – Jack Davis and Frank Sullivan
  2. Governance KPI development project – Chan Cheah, Greg Rublee,  Joe Lenzo, Sharif As-Saber, Wahed Waheduzzaman and Saurabh Deshmukh
  3. Two new partnership projects under preliminary investigation – Chan Cheah
  4. Refer to Mobilisation Tools project page for details.


Prototype Project Achievements to Date

  1. Rates capping support campaign with Oursay
  2. Election support campaign – which will be further developed prior to the next council election in 2020
  3. RV Facebook development
  4. Consolidation of network emails using chimp mail and outlook tools



Project Planning Toolkit

Refer to PlatformRV’s Project web-page and be guided to how to plan a new project and use the plan to manage your project.